Why DIY Furniture?

It's been a year now since I started my furniture painting business. I've painted my own furniture and pieces for my family for many years. But, within the last year, refurbishing furniture has been a most popular trend. It seems 'everyone' is doing it. I was inspired last year when I stumbled

upon a Facebook painting group called 'Flipping Furniture for Profit'. After reading and learning about how to market your furniture, I discovered that this was something that I could earn some extra money. My long term goal became to build up my business so that I could retire from my full time job and enjoy painting and refinishing furniture full time. I've many more years before

retirement, so I'm taking this slow and enjoying the opportunity to learn about techniques, styles and further marketing. But, I think what I have come to realize even more is how awesome it is to find old pieces with good bones and rediscover the beauty that lies buried under the years of wear

and tear. I know there are many of you out there who believe we are ruining pieces by covering them in paint. However, since I have been discovering new techniques, this process is not covering up the beauty, but instead enhancing and bringing out the beauty. In addition, the younger

generation of today is not interested so much in the 'brown' antiques of yesterday. Unless they are looking to refurbish an old piece, they will pass them by. It seems that antiques and vintage pieces are not appreciated the way they were 50-100 years ago. So, if I can revitalize a piece with a little color and glazing, then I am excited to see the transformation. It's not all about antiques, either. A solid piece of furniture, no matter how plain can become a showstopper with an artistic touch. The great thing is, when trends change or if you tire of the finish, the piece can be stripped and refinished, although, I would hope that would be many years down the road. There is also the cost factor. Most of the furniture today is imported and not solid wood. To find well made pieces, you pay a high price. So, by searching out well made vintage or

antique wood furniture on yard sale sites and the like and giving it a second life by painting and staining, this will allow you to preserve a piece of history and enjoy the new beauty it brings to your home. If you possess inherited furniture, the same thing applies. You may be nervous about painting that piece, but

research the internet by searching for painted furniture with your particular furniture style and see before and after photos that are amazing! If you are not one who enjoys painting or refinishing furniture, there are so many talented people who you could commission to do this. Search your local area for furniture artist. Many vintage boutiques carry painted furniture and can refer you to someone who can paint your furniture for you. Browse my website www.whimsieddistressed.com for more detail photos and other completed projects. Also, visit my booth in Uptown Lexington, NC, Magnolia Antiques and Gifts. Contact me to discuss updating a piece for you.

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