She said 'Yes' to Three Dresses!

A week ago or so I shared with you that my daughter was engaged back in the summer with a Spring 2019 wedding in mind. So, up to this point, we've just talked about ideas, venues, colors, but really did not do any serious planning. We've discussed a modest budget and researched Pinterest for such weddings. This past weekend we ventured out to explore wedding dresses. We wanted a place with the most variety. As I googled bridal shops, one in particular continued to show up, Carolina Bridal World, in Burlington. I called them Friday before the day we planned our visit. The lady on the phone said we needed no appointment, but that we should arrive early to get a consultant and room. She also warned that this was their busy season and we may have to share a bridal service hostess. So, we arrived a few minutes before opening and waited in the cold wind for them to unlock the door. From the moment we walked in, we felt assured that we would have a great

experience. We were introduced to our bridal sales hostess, Crystal, and shown to our large dressing room. I'm so glad we arrived when we did because as soon as we reached the front reception desk, a mob of ladies showed up behind us!

I cannot say enough, as the mother of the bride, how nice our visit was. I was impressed with the attentiveness of our hostess and how she really

understood what we were looking for. Ashley looked beautiful in everything she tried on, so it was hard to narrow down the options. However, three hours later, we walked out with photos and prices for three options. We really had a good time and although we were famished, I believe Ashley felt good about the progress we made that day. I will mention that we visited another known bridal shop to look at bridesmaids dresses. We did not have the same experience at all. Since we didn't have an appointment, we just asked to look around. We were assigned an assistant, but she was seasonal and really not familiar with the styles and locations of dresses. Nevertheless,

Ashely found a couple of dresses that she had seen on Pinterest and tried them on for photos to send to her friends. I think we made a good start and I love the 'mother-daughter' time!

So, now I will impart wisdom passed down from my mother when I was engaged to my hubby almost 29 years ago.

1. Faith- my faith was a major determining factor in spousal selection, although, I wouldn't have allowed our relationship to escalate to the point of engagement if he and I were not 'spiritually yoked'. This is an extremely important issue to discuss with your future spouse. You may not be active in church or practicing daily devotions prior to marriage, but if you were reared in a home with certain spiritual values, it will eventually come up in your marriage and when deciding how you will rear your own children.

2. Watch how he treats his mother and how his father treats his mother-this is also very important because it can be a window into your relationship. If he is disrespectful or dismissive towards his parents, he will most likely treat you that way. If his father has unrealistic expectations of his mother to 'serve' him and talks down to her, you need to watch out for your future spouse's expectations. You may have that maternal instinct to take care of your home and children but, if it's necessary for you to work outside the home, that puts a ton of pressure and stress on you and eventually you will explode.

3. Pre-marital counseling-most clergy who marry a couple will counsel with them prior to the ceremony. Since my father and grandfather were officiating, my dad connected us with a fellow marriage counselor where he was a chaplain. This was big! He was great and very helpful in guiding us with issues and expectations that needed to be dealt with before marriage. We both took the Myers-Briggs Personality test and learned just how opposite we were. But, that's what was so great, because we learned that where one was weak the other was strong.

I'm going to stop here for today. I have lots more to share! I hope you will check back for wedding planning updates!

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