She said 'YES'!

I started blogging with a bang January 1st and then I went dark for a while! There is a lot going on and I'm trying to get it together!

I thought in this category of blog posts I would begin with marriage. My daughter was engaged last summer in anticipation of a spring 2019 wedding. So, we've been taking it easy with the planning up to this point. The first of the year I started a journal, noting all of the plans to be made and the steps to be

taken. So....Saturday will be our first official outing to look at wedding dresses! We've casually looked around, but now we need to get serious! I'm looking forward to visiting some local boutiques.

With this topic in mind, I have some thoughts to share with you, which I've shared with my daughter, as my mother shared with me. I will have to say, that after 28 years of marriage, mom was right! LOL

I look forward to sharing pictures, too!

#weddingplans #marriage

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