'Nailed It'!!

'Tis the season for dry scaly skin and brittle nails which can be so terribly painful. For years I would treat myself to a manicure and have acrylic nails put on but, in the last couple of years I switched to the SNS nail system, which is the powder dip. The latter was supposed to be healthier for my nails and help strengthen them. However, when I began painting furniture, I would use

my nails as tools, picking, scraping, etc. I just couldn't justify paying so much for that type of manicure any longer, so I took them off ....OUCH!!! I was left with tissue thin nails that were down past the quick. I

could have cried because my fingers hurt so bad, plus they looked hideous! So, I researched some products and found these two nail treatments which became my nail salvation! They together cost as much as a new set of nails, but if they worked, it would be worth it. I found them both at Ulta. After purchasing, I followed the directions for both every day. The CND RescueXx is a Keratin oil applied to bare natural nails twice daily, massaging into the entire nail, nail edge and cuticle. The Natural Nail Strengthener by OPI builds in layers of

protection on natural nails and helps natural nails grow strong. Before I new it, my nails were stronger and looked healthy again. Mind you, my nails never really seemed healthy. They were thin and my cuticles were awful. That's one reason I had a nails put on. I don't really fuss with my nails much these days, due to working on my furniture, but because I keep them trimmed, they seem to grow faster. If I need to throw on a coat of polish, they don't look like I've painted nubs! Every now and again, I will treat myself to a manicure and my nails look fantastic!

Also, for dry hands, I keep this True Blue Spa paraffin lotion at work. It's fantastic and it really softens. You can find it at Bath & Body Works.

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