Hot Comfort Food When it's Frigid Outside

What's the weather like where you are? Here in the Piedmont of North Carolina it's just down right frigid! The saving grace for today has been the sun shining ever so brightly and the beautiful blue sky. I know we're supposed to have black-eyed peas, rice and ham for New Years Day, but no one in my family is fond of that. So, one of my favorite childhood meals in the winter is homemade vegetable beef soup. My recipe has been modified from my mom's, but it's similar and we love it! You can't beat crockpot cooking either. Do you have a family favorite recipe for this time of year? Below, is the recipe I use, however, I'm always adding and altering. Quanities vary per number of servings desired. Enjoy!

Veggie Beef Soup

Pkg. Stew Beef

Pkg. frozen veggies for stew

Pkt. of slow cooker beef stew seasoning mixed with water

1 can tomatoes

Add frozen green beans and corn if desired. Place all ingredients in the crockpot, fill with water, Add salt/pepper to taste. My childhood family's favorite was to serve Bisquick biscuits with butter and then for dessert, we'd add maple syrup on our biscuits. Yum, yum Stay warm everybody!

Please feel free to share your favorite winter comfort food recipe!

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