A New Year...Let's Do This!

Hello and Happy 2018! How are you doing? Me? My mind is running in a million directions

Hence, the blog name, Directionally Challenged (which is really derived from my poor sense of direction when driving, ha!) I have so many ideas running through my mind and it all sounds so put together in my head, but then I start writing and I'm at a loss, LOL. I have thought for a long time that I would like to write a book. In my younger years, I wanted to write children's books. I always enjoyed creative writing in school, but never tackled the idea. Now, with blogging being so popular, I thought, if nothing else, it is a step forward with no commitment and I can just see where it leads.

My thought for this blog is to share with you some of my experiences with being a working mom and raising children in this go, go, go world, dealing with aging parents, being a godly woman (or trying to be) and coping with the everyday navigation of life in general. I'm throwing in some health and beauty tips, along with home and decorating information for fun.


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