DIY Home Decor & Accessories

Welcome to all things DIY!  I've decided to showcase all of the projects I've completed for either my booth or my home.    If you see something here that you want to make yourself and would like to know what materials and steps I used to complete it, send me a message, I'm glad to share!


Decoupage Pumpkins

Succulent arrangements will be added to

Succulent Arrangements


Decoupage Pumpkins

The snow has come and gone and hopefully

Painted Mod-Pots


winter pompom wreath.jpg

Pompom Wreath-Winter

This rainy Monday is coming to an end, o

Yarn wrapped Hearth Wreath

Is it possible to become addicted to mak

Valentine Mesh Wreath

Good Frigid Tuesday morning! It was a ha

Pompom Farmhouse Wreath

Good morning and welcome to Saturday! Th

Pompom Hearth Wreath

Another little Valentine's Wreath comple

Yarn & Pompom Hearth Wreath


Valentine Mesh Wreath

These cute little wreaths will be making

Valentine Mini Ribbon Wreath

Happy Thursday everyone! The weekend is

Valentine Mesh Wreath


Another festive bookstack completed!🎄 J

Christmas Book Stack

Lots of Christmas goodies are headed to

Wood Display Pedestal

Christmas Signs will be available in my
Rainy days and Monday's...jpe

Christmas Book Stack

Today has been a day of Christmas crafts

Wood Block ornaments & Lantern Swag

Working on some Christmas decor today fo

Christmas Book Stack

Stockings tags have been a popular item

Christmas Stocking Tags


Christmas Canvas Paintings

Fall Decor

The Victorian Collection of handmade vel

Fabric Pumpkins

Satin & Velvet

Experimenting with embellishments. Isn’t

Velvet Pumpkin

The Country Pumpkin Collection is the pe

Fabric Pumpkins


Made up some risers in time for holiday

Wood Display Pedestal

More Fall decor painted today! Headed to

Painted Wine Glasses & Bottle

This Fall centerpiece is the project for

Fall Box Centerpiece

Working on a small custom piece today fo

Dollar Tree Stacked Tray

Saturday Project... painted and distress

Refurbished Trays

The Vintage Pumpkin Collection...availab

Fabric Pumpkins


Ashley and I made these cute jumbo fabri

X-Large Farmhouse Pumpkins

Making Fall arrangements for my booth..

Painted Vase Pumpkin Arrangement

Hello Sunday! We're on our way to worshi

Refurbished Trays

Decorative beaded Garland available this

Beaded Garland

_SOLD_ Updated some U.G.L.Y candlesticks

Painted Candlesticks

Cute mini inspirational planter...along

Mini Inspirational Greenery Pot