Coastal Decor 

In March of 2016, our dream of owning property at the beach came true.  We purchased a two bedroom condo in a small fishing town that needed a lot of  TLC.  For months prior I collected accessories and furniture to fill our vacation home.  After a couple of months of sweat, elbow grease, achy joints and paint, we finally finished.  I selected a neutral color palette for the walls and maintained a consistent focal color in the furniture throughout.  With new laminate flooring (rather pre-owned flooring I scored for free from a showroom being demolished), a ship-lap wall with sliding barn-style door as my focal wall in the living area and two custom headboards in the bedrooms.

before pictures

To give you an idea of what we were working with, here is a short description:  Carpet was old, stained and damp.  The walls were in terrible shape and painted with glossy paint, hence the bright spots shining on the walls.  The guest bath tub had a huge crack in it that had been poorly patched.  The bathroom mirrors were trimmed with gold duct tape! There were no ceiling fans, nor overhead wiring for lights or fans.  There was a wet bar sink (actually a bathroom vanity) in the niche in the living room, which is now a closet behind the barn door. The fixtures and wallpaper were circa 1984.  So, although, this may have been a small 'fixer upper', it was plenty for our first one!