Welcome to Whimsied & Distressed and the new Studio WD!  


We are looking forward to our 'Grand' Adventure!

I have been MIA on my website for quite some time!  I've missed being able to update you on all that is happening.  We've had a roller coaster of events happen in my family since November which has put my love of decorating and painting furniture on the back burner.  I've kept up my social media pretty well, but I've certainly neglected my website.  So, here is a breakdown of what's happening now:

  • I'm closing my booth at The River House Emporium:  Unfortunately, I've not had the time necessary to devote to restocking and resetting my booth.  Nor have I been able to paint furniture to resell unless it is a custom job.

  • I created Studio WD which was to be a DIY crafting community and have classes in my 'at home' shop, but Covid kind of squashed that idea. So, I've parlayed that into a virtual design consultation business.  

  • We found out at Christmas that we are going to be grandparents.  My daughter and son-in-law have been so sweet to allow me to help them decorate Baby Girl's nursery.  I'm going to share some painted furniture pieces and decorative finds used in her room!

  • I hope to begin doing some other types of painting, acrylic and watercolor.  I loved painting in college, so I'd like to explore that again.

  • Lastly, I've become a Gardening Newbie since we've moved into our new house.  I'm a work in progress, but I consider my efforts successful if my plants bloom or just stay alive!

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